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Posted by Admin On6th February 2013

So many people want to engage in the restoration of classic cars. This is a time-honored hobby or interest that sons and fathers have shared for years. There are many individuals out there who want to be able to fully restore a classic car. They figure it will be a fun project to do. For some people, that is exactly what it is. For many others, though, it ends up being a frustrating waste of time and effort. There are many people who realize they will not have the time, focus, or technical skill required in order to finish the project, but they still want the fully restored classic car.

This is when individuals will often turn to experts at classic car restoration. This is, generally speaking, a wise decision. Those individuals just need to be sure that they are bringing their project to the right classic car restoration garage. Melvin Benzaquen is a highly respected expert in classic car restoration. Melvin Benzaquen is the owner and President of Classic Restoration Enterprise. This is a respected classic car restoration garage where every single car that passes through is worked on and looked at by Melvin Benzaquen. This garage has worked on cars from every decade dating back to the 1920s.

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